Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering

I am YEN-CHE TSUI, coming from Taiwan. You can call me John. I've been pondering about the value of life, perhaps it sounds a bit sentimental? But indeed, I've been contemplating it continuously.

I aspire to make a difference and bring about a slight improvement to this world through my actions. "You are the salt of the earth, the light of the world." That's roughly the meaning, I suppose.

No matter where you are, we all bask under the same sunshine, and gaze at the same moonlight. Wishing you a joyful life and a peaceful existence in all things.

Productivity Tool: Memo + Task + Calendar + To-Do

Aug 2022 - Present
Dedicated to eliminating all chores
Tech Stack: Vite 4 + Vue 3 + Vue-Router + Pinia + TypeScript + Dexie
Current Status: Still in development


March 2023
A ChatGPT that displays maps, tables, articles, and generates UI
Tech Stack: Vite 4 + Vue 3 + Vue-i18n + OpenAI API + Val.Town + TypeScript


Aug 2022 - Present
A frontend tool for listening to podcasts together with friends in real-time
Tech Stack: Vite 4 + Vue 3 + Vue-Router + Laf + Web-Socket + TypeScript
Experience it now:

Cloudpick Inc.

April 2021 - June 2022
Front Engineer
Responsible for maintaining dozens of WeChat and Alipay mini-programs targeting consumers, serving as the primary frontend development member for consumer-related projects
Involved in frontend development for e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, orders, and product details

Mini-Program "LemonSJTU"

Nov 2019 - Dec 2022
Developer and Project Lead
Independently developed and completed the WeChat mini-program LemonSJTU
Reached over 31,000 students and faculty members at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, accumulating over 180,000 posts on the platform (as of August 2023)

Privacy Protection Solution Based on Blockchain Technology under Edge Computing Architecture

Jan 2020 - Jun 2020
Bachelor's Degree Graduation Project
A trusted edge computing system comprising centralized blockchain, terminal devices layer, and edge server Layer

Mini-Program "Su Xun Vocabulary"

July 2020 - Oct 2020
Shanghai Su Xun Educational Technology Co., Ltd., Intern
Role: Project Lead, Front-End Engineer
An Intelligent Vocabulary Learning Mini-Program with Adjustable Difficulty

Mini-Program "MUN Circle"

Aug 2018 - April 2020
Role: Project Lead, Developer
Over 20,000+ user visits, more than 430 sessions of Model United Nations conferences held
Awarded Second Prize in the "2018 China College Computer Contest: WeChat Mini Program Application Development Competition" Eastern China Region